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A New Positive Assessment for AppApp, The Support Program for SMBs

AppApp, a semi-individualized support class program for apprentices in the Riviera region launched by Promove in 2015, continued in 2016, until the end of its first full academic year. The assessment for this period of time was positive.

As a reminder, this initiative’s aim was to alleviate the ever growing demand for tutoring within companies. Like many other regions in the canton, the companies of the Riviera can thus rely on an efficient program to accompany their apprentices in their training. AppApp allows apprentices to improve their grasp on the subjects taught in their professional training in order to improve their results. For companies, on the one hand, AppApp is a timesaver for the employees in charge of training apprentices, helping them realize a gain in productivity, and on the other hand, the program allows new apprentice positions to be back on the market more quickly.

The courses are organized in small groups of 3-4 apprentices facing difficulties in a specific subject, within a strict, regular framework (two hours per week). Inasmuch as possible, the classes take place near the apprentices’ home or workplace, and are taught by a student (enrolled in tertiary education at a HES, EPF, university, or in graduate schools) .
In 2015-2016, we were able to launch ten support groups, covering six different subjects. The program picked up stride during academic year 2016-2017, as 18 groups were created during this second year, covering seven topics (French, Maths, Economics, English, German, IT, and Electricity).
The program is still financed primarily by the municipalities of the Riviera, with the support of Nestlé and Merck Serono, as well as Holdigaz, a company that joined the program in 2016. We thank them warmly.

Further information: formation-apprentis.ch/appui-apprentis.html